Living Well Integrative Health Center

2176 Windsor Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (902) 406-1500

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Our goals are:

  • Continuity Of Care -  to provide continuity of care through various life stages and events responsive to the changing needs of the individual patient, their families in an aging population. This will be achieved through satellite programming, home care, coordination and integration with other professionals within and outside our center. 
  • Community Outreach – to provide access to our expertise and knowledge  to populations that might not normally be able to access our care. Some examples: public speaking, publications, satellite clinics
  • Education - to provide educational programming aimed at engaging patients in healthy habits and lifestyles; and internal rounds/retreats for involved health care professionals to  build a holistic understanding of wellness promotion and disease prevention and management. 
  • Community Affiliations/Networking - to develop strong links and affiliations with agencies in the community. 
  • Communication - to foster improved communication between primary, tertiary and allied health care providers. This is essential for improving patient care, easing transitions, simplifying workload for involved professionals,  avoiding duplication of services and reducing costs. 
  • Patient Support Services - to provide opportunities to network, share information and volunteer.

-  Dr. Maria Patriquin