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Leila Shaw, BA, BSc, RD, RMT

Leila holds a BA from Dalhousie University, a diploma from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (registered with MTANS), and in 2016 graduated with a BSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University and is registered with the Nova Scotia Dietetics Association. She practices as a Massage Therapist and Nutritionist.   

As a practicing RMT, Leila found that conversations with clients often included discussions about aspects of their lifestyle that factor into seeking massage therapy.  As a Dietitian and as an RMT, Leila engages her clients to mindfully explore health issues and consider lifestyle influences, and provides a safe, knowledgeable and compassionate environment for healing.

Leila has been working in Spa and Clinical environments for 20 years, including the HealthSmith Community Medical Clinic (Vancouver, BC), a multi-disciplined environment.  Her experience there ignited an interest in a team approach to health and an understanding that while wellbeing starts with one’s self, it also may require the input of many to be successful. She refers to and works in conjunction with other therapists and health practitioners to support and facilitate her clients’ health. 

There is no one perfect answer to our nutrition needs; no one diet that will solve it all. Leila’s approach to nutrition counselling reflects her approach to massage therapy, focusing more on the “why” than the “what”. Why are you eating what you’re eating – is it serving you? Once the why is envisioned, a plan for change can evolve, if change is needed.  Leila is a compassionate facilitator, working with her clients to support them as they manifest change.

Leila is currently training with Andrea Leiberstein in the Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) program, and brings a mindful approach to her counselling.

Statement from Leila: Four valuable queries shape our health: what we put into our body (food, and other), what we do with the body (fitness, and other), our quality of sleep, and our state of happiness. Information from these form a framework to guide choices to maintain or re-establish health.