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Mind, Body & Spirit

We strive to support individuals and their families in their efforts to live well by providing diversified coordinated care, guidance and education that encompasses body, mind and spirit. We promote compassion, collaboration and communication because care is "better together." 

"My mission is for people’s experiences of care to become positive and humanizing. We are all connected in our humanity. What we all do matters. We must practice with purpose."  

Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP Founder of Living Well 

"Humanizing health care through compassion, communication and collaboration"



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Booking, family, self-care and other musings...

I've always said family come first in my heart, not in my time as medicine demands so very much of us. Sometimes that has to shift and family have to come first in both, as does self-care! Please know care continues however I do need to take some time to tend to ill family members and have god forbi…

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Living Well Booking and Programs

Hi everyone, 

We would like to ensure that you know to book an appointment either virtual or in person, you can call and either speak with reception or leave a voice mail. We have been as frustrated as you have with Pomello and for this time wish to return to old school style booking. You may al…

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Covid-19 3rd Wave updates for Living Well visits and care

Hello our patients and community, 

We find ourselves amidst a 3rd wave suddenly and dramatically. We were perhaps lulled into a sense of safety for so long, our numbers remained so low and Nova Scotia was the place to be, live and move to! Denial is a powerful mechanism that at times has served…

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COVID Pandemic Guidelines for In-Person Primary Care & test restrictions...

Dear Patients please read this...
During one of our groups this week it was suggested that I ensure to inform patients as to what restrictions have been placed on primary care and access to tests. I hope that this is helpful in providing information that enables you to better understand our…

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Booking at Living Well Integrative Health Centre Please read all...


For emergencies please call 911, mobile crisis for

mental health (902-429-8167) or proceed to the

nearest emergency room. If you have symptoms of

covid (see list last post) call 811 and self-isolate.

To book with Dr. Patriquin please visit  The sc…

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In Person Visits: the 2nd Wave (updated from June 2020 posting)

For your in-person session you must answer the following questions by phone in advance and also self-monitor the day of your visit. If you did not answer our call you must respond to this email to retain the in person booking with your provider.

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK to enter the clinic. There are…

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JOY OF MOBILITY & JOY OF BALANCE with Living Well IHC hosted by Dr. Patriquin MD free online zoom class

Physiotherapist Robin Stamm will be leading two weekly online exercise classes throughout the months of November and December. These classes will be geared to those who have MOBILITY and/or BALANCE issues and will last between 3…

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IMPORTANT INFO re: bookings, in person visits, flu shot and pneumonia vaccination clinics

Dear Patients

Dr. Patriquin is holding open flu shot and pneumonia vaccination clinics throughout October & November  


Please note that there will be some opportunity to address a concern about a particular health issue however you will need to complete a form to facilitate this pro…

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Welcome Natasha Grant Administrative Assistant to Living Well

Welcome Natasha Grant to Living Well...
Dr. Maria Patriquin, the providers and community at Living Well would like to introduce you to our new administrative assistant Natasha Grant. Natasha comes with many years experience but more importantly she has joined us in a very trying time and her firs…

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the Joy of… guided journaling with Lisa Galvez RD CDE CBE & Dr. Maria Patriquin

Date: Monday November 2nd (more dates below) Time: 12 noon

Meeting ID: 641 4544 1198

Password: 629786

Welcome to the Joy Of Journaling. In this 1 hour session we will explore the health benefits of journa…

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