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Erin Montgomery


Erin Montgomery, MEd, MTA, FAMI, CCC, RCT-C is a Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate and Accredited Music Therapist. Erin specializes in working with those who have had difficult life experiences resulting in PTSD, complex trauma, depression and anxiety.
Erin works with individuals 14 and older. As a counselling and music therapist, she is trained to use traditional talk therapy methods such as CBT, as well as music, imagery, and mindfulness techniques, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Guided Imagery and Music (GIM).

Erin has completed training at the Justice Resource Trauma Centre with the Boston Trauma Center faculty, including Bessel van der Kolk. She has also completed trauma specific training at the Cape Cod Institute, at the Toronto Traumatology Institute, and has CBT and ACT training for working with those with PTSD and complex trauma. She is a Victim Services approved counsellor.


Erin often offers workshops, and education sessions on trauma and compassion fatigue to staff of NSHA, and external agencies. Erin has presented nationally and internationally on her use of music & imagery for those with psychological trauma.