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Happy New Year

Stress Reduction Class

It's that time again when we verge on the end of a year and envision a new and fresh start to another year to come. Dr. Patriquin's Stress Reduction Class has now run for 8 consecutive years. No diagnosis necessary merely that of being human. Learn how to cultivate more self awareness and identify…

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the Collaborative Working Group for Shared Mental Health Care

Grateful for the seat at a table of like minded advocates and change makers who share an unwavering desire to create meaningful movement to change mental health care in Canada. See and watch out for the 2020 Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference that I am ho…

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Forming Canada's federal framework on PTSD. Honored to have a seat at the table. Meaningful change is happening. #NationalPTSDConference

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A drug to prevent 1 in 5 deaths? It’s called ‘food.’ Call to book our dietician Leila Shaw or register for our FOOD IS MEDICINE PROGRAM


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Big picture of health system missing and the new nurses act. An exchange between Living Well's MD and NP

On Apr 11, 2019, at 8:40 PM, Lesley MacGregor my dear colleague, NP now running the INSPIRE program wrote:
Other than Nova Scotia - I have never been required to identify a “collaborating physician” as part of my licensing.  It was a huge hurdle to me 3 years ago when we arrived a…

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Primary Care Transformation Toolkit; Dr. Patriquin key informant, consultant and co-author in collaboration with Doctors NS & a team of commmitted family doctors 



Primary Care Transformation: A collaborative practice tool kit

Primary Care Transformation: A collaborative practice tool kit provides practical information, examples, insights from the experiences of Nova Scotia doctors, implications and critical reflection questions to su…

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National tour of sorts: Living Well Living Hell Triumphs and Tribulations of Collaborative Care

I have been fortunate now to have presented this talk at the Family Medicine Forum Toronto 2018. On Valentines day 2019 I presented the same talk for the  Department of Family Medicine at Dalhousie University. The talk will be given at Dalhousie once again to faculty and the reading club in April of…

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May our voices embrace humanity so children grow embracing theirs

Children are the original mindfulness practitioners. I remind each adult that denies their capacity that they began life with innate ability to be mindful. To understand what role mindfulness serves requires consideration of the inherent nature and capacities we were born with. Take a moment to cons…

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From Survive to Thrive A short guide to a healthy journey Dr. Maria Patriquin

The road to balance: How to survive and thrive in life

Those who choose professional careers tend to have personality characteristics that coupled with a high demand culture of training engenders overworking and a lack of self- care. This excess can and does lead to burnout. Current studies indic…

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Mindfulness & Stress Reduction with Dr. Maria Patriquin MSI covered Register for January

Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction With Molly DeShong January 7th

Introduction to Mindfulness


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


Public program at Living Well Centre


January 7, 2019 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM


With Molly DeShong, MEd, RCT


Explore how these evidence-based practices have helped thousands feel more healthy, stab…

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Recover & Resilience for Complex Trauma to start January 2019 register now MSI covered

FMF presentation..."Living Well, living hell. The trials and tribulations of collaborative care"

Thank you to the CFPC and FMF for the opportunity to speak about collaborative care. "Living Well, living hell; The triumphs and tribulations of collaborative care was an honor to present. I look forward to presenting the same at Family Medicine grand rounds Valentine's day 2019 and at the Dalhousie faculty club in April 2019. In the midst of chaos and reform creativity arises. Success does not come without its shadow of failure. Indeed one requires the other. Shortcomings and limitations are not failures as much as they are opportunities to observe, inform so we can change, grow and evolve. Living Well is the actualization of vision of the PMH, a model of care that breaks down hierarchical barriers that exist within the institution of health care; those which devalue the valuable roles, expertise and wisdom that so very many compassionate and intelligent health care providers. It breaks down the stigma created by the artificially created duality of mind and body that is pervasive in a disease-based model. We have reached the anticipated expiry date of the silos, the hierarchical ladders and the illness model. Collaboration is not innovation, it is common sense. We are living in a knowledge economy and "common sense" isn't valued as much as other forms of knowing. Having said that I have taken great leaps to break down other barriers to care including cost to patients for non MSI insured services by offering alternative forms of visits like group medical visits. This is just the beginning. Without the encouragement and validation of the CFPC and the PMH department I would certainly still be doing this but the support of like minded peers is very much appreciated. The presentation has been requested to be submitted for the hypothesis section of the CFP journal. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard with open ears, hearts and minds. It is my sincere hope that the same may occur at home in NS so that we begin to serve our communities and create a healthier system that embraces the value of compassion, communication and collaboration in health care.






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What children need of us as teachers, parents, doctors, mentors and role models...



Children are the original mindfulness practitioners. I remind each adult that denies their capacity that they began life with innate ability to be mindful. To understand what role mindfulness serves requires consideration of the inherent nature and capacities we were bor…

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Spring 2018 newsletter

Do you know how to measure your breathing rate and what does it tell you?

Robin Stamm tells you how and why and there's lots more  in the Spring 2018 newsletter!  

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Canadian Family Physician Editorial Advisory Board Meeting

Here at the Canadian Family Physician Office in TO for my first Editorial Advisory Board meeting with incredibly inspired colleagues including my old team mate from Women's College Hospital, Nick Pimlott. Feeling grateful and honored for the o…

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Spring Programs Still Open.. and Summer is Coming!

We are currently still accepting enrollment for our Spring programs which are MSI covered. Please call administration for more information as they begin soon. If there is not a space please add your name to the wait list and keep abreast of website and Fb updates! This summer we will be offering wor…

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The Little Clinic That Could....

April 11, 2018

Submission ID: 456

Dear Dr. Patriquin,

Thank you for your submission for a presentation at Family Medicine Forum (FMF) 2018, to be held from November 14th to 17th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario.
The FMF Committee has reviewed your su…

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Important Concepts in Collaborative Transformation

I am grateful for CBC's public forum tonight which enabled me to speak on behalf of all of you who are courageous, strong, gentle and fiercely passionate. Thank you for family, my patients and my dear colleagues. Sharing some:Important conceptualizations about Collaborative…

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