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Welcome to "The Joy of..." Series Two Free Classes with Robin Stamm, physiotherapist and yoga instructor:

Welcome to "The Joy of…" series hosted by Dr. Maria Patriquin. This FREE series was established in an effort to help our community cultivate joy, wonder and connection during the very stressful time of the Covid pandemic. The classes and workshops are led by an extraordinary team of collaborative professionals who are committed personally and professionally to fostering healing, resilience, growth and wellbeing. Not exclusively, the series includes yoga, movement, meditation, breath work, journaling, art, painting, music and mindfulness. This on line series (similar to programming offered pre-pandemic at Living Well) is intended to facilitate equitable access to resources, education and instruction enabling participants the opportunity to reduce stress, learn new skillshave fun and nurture their sense of health and wellbeing while forming community.  Collaboration cultivates community and now more than ever we need each other. Please see our website for future programming and please join us for the Joy of movement and breath with Robin Stamm.  Participation requires completion of a short anonymous questionnaire. See below for details.

Love Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP FCFP

Founder of Living Well Integrative Health Center 

 Dear Patient,

Welcome to "The Joy of..." Series
Two Free Classes with Robin Stamm, physiotherapist and yoga instructor:

Joy of...MOVEMENT on Wednesday, September 23rd at 6pm
Joy of...BREATH on Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm

Join Robin for one of (or both!) of these hour long classes to close off September. Please see below and above for her bio and picture.
Please be on time. Please ensure you have water, a yoga mat and anything else like a pillow you need to support you.
As this is completed on zoom, rather than in person you will need to be mindful of your needs in an entirely other way as the supervision is not quite the same.
Please complete the questionnaire that will be sent to you to enable us to determine how well the class suits your needs....
Please email if you have any questions.

About Robin:
Robin was the physiotherapist in residence at Living Well IHC, alongside Dr. Maria Patriquin and team, from 2014 through 2019. Over the past 20 years, she has studied and worked with people all over the globe, within the worlds of movement and body mind consciousness. Her main practice is yoga in the lineage of Vanda Scaravelli and Diane Long, and she continues to share this yoga around the world. She recently moved west to the coast of the Salish Sea, but is plotting a sojourn back east for 2021. She is a registered physiotherapist in both British Columbia and Nova Scotia.
Robin's work proceeds with the conviction that our bodies are much wiser and more splendiferous than we give them credit for, and that if we remain open, curious and kind, we will learn of the sacred gifts that simply paying attention and listening well can offer us.

Wednesday at 6PM, September 23rd
~ and ~
Wednesday at 6PM, September 30th

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