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Guidelines for Comprehensive Mental Health Services for Older Adults in Canada - Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Workshop on November 21, 2017.

Dear Sareda and Francine,
I very much appreciated the invitation to participate. I cant tell you how inspiring, empowering the experience was. It is a very difficult time to practice in Nova Scotia where we have the most seniors per capita. Daily they wander off the street, call and send me pleading letters to take them as they are doctor-less. Being able to participate in the MHCC KT on our aging seniors is an example of one of the advocacy efforts I make to feel as if I might be able to contribute to the issue at higher level and because having schooled and worked in Hamilton and Toronto, it is so very different here. It differs greatly in resources, access and also health issues more prevalent here like obesity, DMII, MS and SAD. 
I can proudly tell my patients I am trying. I am a collaborative care advocate, mentor and consultant and regardless of how many ways I try and communicate that the process of establishing any healthy practices, programs and guidelines needs to be collaborative and patients must be at the heart of that collaboration it seems to fall more often on fatigued and deaf ears at times. Honestly to come together with diverse backgrounds, experiences and yet a common value and goal was so refreshing. I get so excited about the opportunity to actually be heard and give voice to those aging and suffering. What I`ve worked hard for, my work mission is one born of vision for healthier practices that are equitable and accessible and such is Living Well however it is a hard culture to change here. It is steeped in older traditions and institutions obviously reflected in an aging population too.
The greatest assertion that I came away from the KT with was the deep realization that it isn`t going to be health care providers, champions, advocates, pioneers and researchers that will change the culture around health attitudes and practices, it has to come from the people in our communities. With our backing, guidance and knowledge we can help educate and collectively organize people to speak up and out. It`s time to get our Canada on; kind, fair,  peaceful yet steeped in good values! The KT was so collaborative and thus reaffirming of my assertion that collaboration is a process NOT an endpoint. Thank you so very much for that. It was a very positive and humanizing experience thank you all for your hard work!  
I have been spreading the word that the MHCC and those in Ottawa indeed care but that me, we all require the people`s voice. I have taken to choosing natural leaders from my practice and our programming to call upon for action. The response in such a short period of time has been astonishing. Meaningful change is possible. In the midst of chaos in health care and society at large, we get tired and at times disallusioned but new opportunities to be creative and change culture and practice arise from such chaos so therein lies an opportunity. We are perfectly poised. Thank you everyone and the MHCC! 
Please keep me abreast of more opportunities. If others want to share in their views and initiatives that would be so very greatly appreciated. Attached is an article I wrote on some of the systemic issues affecting delivery of `mental` health care and one on Compassionàte care. See links:
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We would like thank each and every one of you for your participation in the Guidelines for Comprehensive Mental Health Services for Older Adults in Canada - Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Workshop on November 21, 2017. Special thanks to Marie France for providing an overview of the Guidelines, Kim for sharing her insights on the environmental and literature scan, and to Liz for facilitating the afternoon discussion.  According to your evaluation forms, our objectives were roundly achieved, and from our perspective your hard thinking generated very insightful ideas for advancing the Guidelines. This will be a tremendous help in developing the first draft of the KT plan! You gave us plenty to work with for a draft document.

In the meantime, we encourage all of you to continue the conversations you started a week ago here in Ottawa. Do not hesitate to send us a quick email or pick up the phone with an idea or information about an opportunity you think we should not miss.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Sareda Quah-Vo
Knowledge Broker, Knowledge Exchange Centre 
Mental Health Commission of Canada  
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Francine Knoops
Lead Analyst - Strategic Policy and Stakeholder Relations, Knowledge Exchange Centre 
Mental Health Commission of Canada  
350 Albert Street, Suite 1210  Ottawa, ON Canada K1R 1A4
O: 613-683-1864 / C: 613-899-9484 /



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