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Vaccine Q&A by Dr. Shauna Archibald MD CCFP

During this time of fear and uncertainty, there are understandably many questions being raised around the new covid 19 vaccines. Please see this well researched article by my colleague and dear friend Dr. Shauna Archibald. She has shared this in an effort to help answer the majority of the questions we are asked in the course of a day around vaccination. Please have a read as it can help guide you towards the right decision for you. Vaccination, self-isolating (properly), quarantining fully when required, masking, hand washing and distancing are our best tools. Using them must be fueled from a place of wanting to protect ourselves and each other. 

Many people tell me "I don't go anywhere" "I'm healthy it wont affect me" "I am worried with my immune system that it will make me sick" " it's too new" "A-z will give me a blood clot, I'll be the one" "It will change my DNA" " It's now been around long enough for them to know how it will work and if it will" "It doesn't really protect you " "I think I already had covid" "I think natural immunity will be better"....

Please read, Warm regards and stay safe, Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP FCFP


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