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the Joy of… guided journaling with Lisa Galvez RD CDE CBE & Dr. Maria Patriquin

Date: Monday November 2nd (more dates below) Time: 12 noon

Meeting ID: 641 4544 1198

Password: 629786

Welcome to the Joy Of Journaling. In this 1 hour session we will explore the health benefits of journaling such as stress reduction, boosting memory, deeper connection and being mindful. With a focus on gratitude journaling, a variety of journal prompts will guide you while learning more about how to establish a journaling practice. A commitment to writing doesn't need to take a lot of time to be worthwhile. You can take up the enjoyable practice of journaling whenever you choose, the Fall is a great time to create and we begin the seasons of retreating within. Gratitude journaling allows you to leave the stress of the day so if you're curious about this positive practice then please join us.

Supplies: A comfortable writing space, a journal or writing paper, and a good pen. Perhaps have a nice cup of tea nearby as well.

Classes will be held on Nov 2nd, 16th, 30th and Dec 14th, all from 12PM to 1PM.

Please email with any questions.

Dear Patient,

Welcome to "The Joy of…" series hosted by Dr. Maria Patriquin. This FREE series was established in an effort to help our community cultivate joy, wonder and connection during the very stressful time of the COVID pandemic. The classes and workshops are led by an extraordinary team of collaborative professionals who are committed personally and professionally to fostering healing, resilience, growth and wellbeing. Not exclusively, the series includes yoga, movement, meditation, breath work, journaling, art, painting, music and mindfulness. This on line series (similar to programming offered pre-pandemic at Living Well) is intended to facilitate equitable access to resources, education and instruction enabling participants the opportunity to reduce stress, learn new skills, have fun and nurture their sense of health and wellbeing while forming community.  Collaboration cultivates community and now more than ever we need each other. Please see our website for future programming and please join us for the Joy Of Journaling with Lisa Galvez.  Participation requires completion of a short anonymous questionnaire.

Lisa's Bio: Hello, I'm Lisa. I have been a registered dietitian for over 20 years. I have practiced in a clinical setting for the majority of that time specializing in diabetes management and other aspects of hormonal health. I now do consulting work in my field with a specific interest in integrative and functional nutrition. Presently I am doing my certification with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and studying Herbalism at the Bloom Institute. I also have a background in psychology and an interest in mindfulness and creativity for wellness. I know first-hand the healing benefits pf the written word. My own journaling practice has provided clarity, comfort, joy and release and it is wonderful to know that journaling is available to us at any time.

Lisa Galvez RD CDE CBE

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