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Sights in 2013

A patient recently had eye surgery. Over the years of diminishing sight I rarely heard him complain and I felt compelled after his successful surgery to ask him just how he had been able to cope. I could not imagine myself accepting such loss and disability without frustration and sadness. What he answered came as such a surprise. He had almost come to enjoy his diminishing sight! How was this possible? He remained open to how his perceptions of the world, based on sight, were changing. No negative thoughts, no judgements, no grief, just curiosity. If only we could all so mindfully meet ourselves and our challenges with such grace, intrigue, patience and openness to discovering something new.

I have a patient who has been blind since birth. Every time he comes to my office his parting words are "It was nice to see you Maria". Each and every time it makes me smile and I am grateful for the reminder that seeing each other is about so much more than what we gaze at or what we might hold in our mind's eye.

Having reflected on these conversations I wish for sight in 2013. May we really feel seen by those who matter most to us in our lives. May we look about us and see so much more than what meets our eyes. May we meet what we do see with courage and curiosity, leaving behind the judgements that might have once accompanied what we have seen before. May this open us all to the possibility of seeing old things in new ways, including ourselves.


Dr. Maria J. Patriquin MD.

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