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PUBLIC CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: I to I. In-sight to Inspiration. Inspiration to Integration. A call for + Health Care Reform

I to I. In-sight to Inspiration. Inspiration to Integration. Share your eyes.

Let us see eye to eye. Let us have those without doctors in our sight and let that inspire us to more. Let us take those insights and what we know and integrate that knowledge with what we value and what we need. Everything our minds, our lives, work better when integrated so does our care. Collaboration is here and yet where is the communication and the compassion for what is communicated?

When people are faceless they are very vulnerable to becoming a mere number. Objectification happens when a quantifiable approach is taken to address our health care crisis/catastrophe.

We know the dangers and what has been lost with the overuse of email communication and social media. Technology poses the same threat. We stand to lose a human connection. The very thing that has led to our survival as a species. Darwin didn't state it was "survival of the fittest" this was in fact his student. He in fact spoke to a survival of the most collaborative, the most kind in essence. It makes sense right ? We are not in a time where common sense prevails. But we need to be.

Our faceless, voiceless mass of uncared for patients engenders objectification and this poses a real threat to the very fabric of our socialized health care system and to collaboration. Decisions are based on numbers not persons. Health care is personal. This is a human issue. This is an issue of who and what we value as a society. This is about who we want to be as Canadians and as humans who represent the fabric of a socialized health care system that once gave us bragging rights abroad. This is a qualitative issue not a quantitative issue one that requires compassion, communication and collaboration.

So please help me start this campaign to give a face to those deserving of consideration, compassion and care. Collaborate with me to lend voice to this cause as it is not an issue of doctor vs patient. We are all human and we all ail and die. We need to hold our shared sense of humanity with compassion. Together we can see I to I to I. Lets integrate. Come together.

Send your photo (eyes only please) to It will be posted along the side of Living Well Integrative Health Center in the near future so stay tuned. Living Well is a small business and it does not generate profit so I write this not out of interest in tax laws; although they concern us all, but out of a commitment I've made to a vision of health care that promotes and practices compassion, communication and collaboration.

Please share and help me generate at least 20K photos. We know that might be half of who is lacking and that's a good start to seeing I to I.

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