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Our Physiotherapist Robin Stamm on Summer...

On Giving Oneself Up to Play

By: Robin Stamm MPT


Along with glorious summer days comes the regular laughter of children playing in the neighbourhood and at outdoor swimming pools - dancing, shrieking, and moving with complete abandon and limitless energy. Where does all of this energy and curious exploration of life come from and where does it go as we get older? For most adults, time reigns king and play doesn’t offer grande financial rewards to make it worthwhile. Nor will it give us the perfect body the media has convinced us we need.


Nonetheless, at times I prescribe a seemingly unconventional and unproductive exercise: I ask my patients to simply take a joyful walk.

A joyful walk is a simple, quiet way for us adults to wake up our playful minds and bodies. When there is nothing else that you want or have to do, I suggest the following: walk somewhere and do it with total devotion to that one thing. If you don’t want to go for a walk in a park or by the sea, simply water your flowers or do something as trivial as taking out the garbage, but do it full of joy and with a lust for life. Pay attention to the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, the light dancing on your fence, the weight of your heel upon the earth. In this way, you will begin to wake up the cycle of spontaneous movement and curiosity in life that is the via regia to true relaxation and health.

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