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Mindfulness and Stress reduction with Dr. Maria Patriquin


8 week Mindfulness and Stress Reduction 
Virtual and In Person classes available and starting soon!

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"Mindfulness" is a term that is buzzing right now. Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment without trying to alter, change or judge our experience. I value it in so much as I believe that it is the only way in which to authentically live well, how to be more than okay in the face of calm and adversity. Similar to resilience, mindfulness is not a trait, it can be learned. It is a process and a way of being.

Mindfulness can help us learn to be more present, to reflect on our pasts or consider the future without getting stuck. It teaches us how to judge less and how to be more accepting of ourselves, our circumstances and other people. We learn how to respond rather than react. It helps us recognize our true nature, our strengths and our vulnerabilities, and to see how we can turn towards rather than avoid ourselves in an attempt to live consciously. This is true self-compassion, self-love.

Mindfulness helps us to accept and adapt to change which is at the core of resilience. Mindfulness lets us be ourselves, which is what we already are. In a sense it is like giving ourselves permission to be just who we are, to befriend ourselves. We learn how to listen to what we already know, what is best for us. Deep within us is all of this. Time, experience, conditioning and habits can alter our ability to access our knowing, confidence and our resilience. We once fell a thousand times but still got up and tried to walk. We succeed because we fail and because each and every one of us has within us a deep seated understanding of what it takes to make ourselves happy and healthy.


Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP FCFP, founder of Living Well Integrative Health Center


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