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Living Well Welcomes Pamela Rubin, Certified Counsellor

I have the pleasure to welcome Pamela Rubin to Living Well. Please take a moment to read below about what services and supports she can offer you. 

"All of us have the inner resources we need for a meaningful, positive life. It’s just a matter of unlocking our strengths! Using proven techniques, I help you build on what’s natural: grounding ourselves in the present through mindfulness, encouraging self-care habits and balance, finding approaches together to life’s problems that make sense. Based on working with people for many years, I believe that our natural capacity to find healthy emotional balance is very great, even in difficult circumstances.  


I walk alongside clients as they tread the path to well-being and balance, providing guidance and options, respecting clients’ inherent sanity and power, and taking care to avoid intrusive or potentially re-traumatizing methods. In my practice as a counsellor, I use evidence-based approaches including grounding and mindfulness, cognitive approaches, visualization, and relational therapy. These helpful techniques open the path for us to reclaiming our wellness, our goals, and our zest for living.


No matter what you have gone through in life, no matter what challenges you are facing now, you can work gently and intelligently with yourself to find success, happiness and peace. Counselling can help us chart a course toward strength and wellness.  Knowledge is power, and counselling offers important information on the nature of our problems, and how healing happens. 



With the right tools and support, big problems can shrink down to a manageable size. Often, we are stressed because we feel overwhelmed, out of control and isolated.  Counselling can help gently ground us in habits and practices that will take us step by step towards well-being. 


I welcome a broad range of clients, but specialize in recovery from trauma, including sexual assault/abuse. Experiences that overwhelm our ordinary ability to cope are called trauma. The negative results can include depression and anxiety, obstacles in our personal relationships or career, panic attacks, nightmares, persistent flashbacks, fatigue or chronic feelings of unwellness. I assure you that post-trauma issues are not a life sentence, and you can regain the quality of life you deserve." 


-Pamela Rubin 




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