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Living Well now offering Nutritional Counselling: Welcome Erin MacRae

Erin MacRae is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (Dietetics) from Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU). She is a course instructor in the nutrition department at MSVU and has eight years experience working as a personal trainer. 

Erin's professional interests lie in helping people with a variety of nutrition related concerns. Her approach is tailored to your individual needs and health concerns. She will listen to you to learn what your needs are, work with you to set goals, and monitor your progress towards attaining a healthier lifestyle.

Erin's friendly and non-judgemental approach will make you feel comfortable. Erin believes in balance and will help you find the right balance so you are both healthy and happy. 
A dietitian can help with a number of health issues such as:
Weight Management (weight loss and weight gain)
Cardiovascular Disease Management (hypertension, cholesterol management)
Diabetes Management
Digestive Disorders (IBS, IBD, reflux)
Sports Nutrition
Pre/Post Natal Nutrition
Food Allergies and Sensitivities 
Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
Use a whole foods based approach to improving your health

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