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Living Well Booking and Programs

Hi everyone, 

We would like to ensure that you know to book an appointment either virtual or in person, you can call and either speak with reception or leave a voice mail. We have been as frustrated as you have with Pomello and for this time wish to return to old school style booking. You may also send an email to the living well administrative staff at or directly email your provider (please see contact page). 

As we are compelled to continue to follow covid guidelines we limit the number of people who are permitted in the waiting areas and ask that you arrive at your apt time. Please use the ramp if you require it and there is a doorbell at both the front and ramp doors. 

Some bookings can easily be done through a virtual visit, others require an in person and you can discuss this with your provider. 

Our physio therapist Ian Sheppard is seeing patients to help aid our bodies to physically begin to be more active and limber. Don't wait for it to become chronic. He also performs acupuncture. 

Lisa Galvez offers dietary counselling to patients with metabolic syndrome, obesity and issues related to impaired glucose tolerance and two diabetes.

Molly De Shong offers one on one as well as couples counselling and you may contact her directly through the information on the contact page. Molly also offers some mindfulness groups and to obtain more information about her next group offerings please email her.

Dr. Maria Patriquin's Mindfulness based stress reduction groups will commence in September and is currently open for registration for not only her own patients but to anybody who is interested in this dynamic eight week stress reduction class. Covered on MSI. Please email the LivingWell administrative stuff place your name on the September wait list. Dr. Patriquin is currently not excepting any new patients into her family practice however her cycle therapy and group programs are currently open to new referrals. Patient may be referred by another practitioner, position and are also able to self refer. 

Dr. Patriquin is currently offering both virtual and in person visits as she has throughout the pandemic. Once again these can be booked by leaving a voicemail message, speaking with admin or emailing the administrative staff. When possible and necessary appointments will be done virtually by phone or zoom link. There is necessitate an in person visit and you can discuss this with Dr. Patriquin. It is very important that you ensure your health maintenance is up-to-date holds true for for all ages inclusive of our physical and mental health needs. Please know that we continue to experience extensive delays in being able to order tests as well as access specialists so we ask that you do not delay seeking care rather book an appointment that we can care for you in a timely and appropriate manner.

This time Dr. Patriquin is unable to get any bloodwork on the same day nor any imaging. This means there will be times when you will be directed to attend the emergency room because that is the only option for same-day bloodwork and imaging that is urgent or emergent. If you are unable to get an appointment in a timely manner, just as always and just as it is for each of the providers it is recommended that you still seek medical care either through a walk-in clinic or the emergency room. Although it is difficult at times to have to see another physician it is unfortunately a reality for all of us. It is my sincere hope that the government will understand what measures are required to be seriously considered you're for us to ensure the health and well-being of all Nova Scotia residence of all ages. Meaningful change is always possible however it does require that we all use our voices to advocate for ourselves and others and ensure that we raise these issues to both our healthcare providers as well as our government representatives.

We have several group offerings that are open to anybody and if you wish to have yourself on the mailing list please email the LivingWell administrative staff so that they may enter your personal information and email and you will receive the notifications through E blasts. We are currently offering yoga and meditation two times a week Stephanie Winters and Dr. Maria Patriquin. These are held on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM and Thursday mornings at 8 AM for a duration of 45 minutes. Lisa Galvez registered dietician and Dr. Maria Patriquin offer guided journalling and mindful reflective classes on Wednesdays at noon. Stay tuned for more online and in person booking.

We currently have one teen group as well as one healthy kids camp group. It is with pleasure that we continue to be able to help children who have suffered particularly through this pandemic from social isolation to transition and learn new skills and build resilience. Kids and teens work on several different community projects in order to ensure that we are working towards health equity.

We are fortunate to have had her first healthy kids camp since the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. Maria Patriquin co-led Camp for 7 to 11-year-olds with Kumi Hendon a talented artist who is gifted in teaching children the art of self expression through various artistic medium. If you are interested in your child or teen being involved in one of our programs please expressed interest by emailing the LivingWell administrative staff.

Stay safe and stay well. Persevere. Love over fear. And take good care of yourself and each other. Sincerely, Dr. Maria Patriquin.

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