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2176 Windsor Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (902) 406-1500

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Happy Spring

We our Spring off to a good start this year at Living Well with an intro from our Naturopathic Doctors who hosted some small group discussions, please see events. Keep your ears and eyes open for more of these future events as they are informative, interactive, fun and will help anyone interested in their wellbeing, propel forward!

Every Spring is marked by our now 10 year old Bluenose Race. It's inspiring to see what efforts people start making late winter early spring to train. There is nothing more inspiring than being by Citadell Hill while the guns go off to start the races other than being at the finish line to see the look of self satisfaction on the faces of those who ran and walked! 

Living Well, thanks to the team effort was able to participate in the first Women's Wellness Expo held at Cole Harbour Place and sponsored by the IWK. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people both future clients, patients and colleagues. We look forward to working together. 

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