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Food Fundraiser

Dr. Patriquin is currently seeking food or grocery card donations for a patient from Uganda who is in need of food for herself, her 6 month and 3 year old children. I can't think of a better way to embrace this family than to show we care by helping her nourish herself and her children who depend solely on her for everything they have and know. She is an amazingly strong loving mother who is rich in love and fortunate to have 2 beautiful healthy children but unfortunate in food and other basic necessities at this time. As she has no status as a Canadian yet we hope she will feel stronger knowing she is never alone here in Canada and that we as a community can help. Thank you to all those who have given already so generously for bedding, clothes, diapers etc. Food donations accepted at reception 9-5 weekdays and thursdays till 8pm. Thank you so very much. 

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