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Doctor's Nova Scotia Features How to Live a More Mindful Life...

It has been a good start to the new year. Doctor's Nova Scotia has interviewed Dr. Patriquin on how to use mindfulness in every day life. Please check it out at the following link:

So..... Want a little more instruction, guidance? Are you curious, interested and motivated to live with more joy and less stress? Are you interested in knowing yourself well and in fostering a deep sense of compassion and kindness towards yourself and others? Do you feel stuck as if you are in a rut? Sign up for a class. The next term commences April/May 2016. Dr. Maria Patriquin as well as Pamela Rubin offer 1:1 teaching as well as groups. Please see our practitioner page and individual websites to learn more about how you can learn more about YOU! 

In an effort to create sustainable practices, Dr. Patriquin is inviting people to consider joining as an already established group. A group of friends, a family (extended and all), co-workers, a group of get the picture. The idea is that the support that you can then provide each other following the class can help to strengthen and maintain the healthy new habits and lifelong inquiry that you begin in class. Groups are allowed a maximum of eight participants. Please ask reception regarding enrolment. 


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