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Covid-19 3rd Wave updates for Living Well visits and care

Hello our patients and community, 

We find ourselves amidst a 3rd wave suddenly and dramatically. We were perhaps lulled into a sense of safety for so long, our numbers remained so low and Nova Scotia was the place to be, live and move to! Denial is a powerful mechanism that at times has served us as humans to momentarily defer the harsh truths of some of our reality. In the case of the pandemic this has never been true or safe. There are so very many things we don't know but of what we do know. These are the things that best serve us:

STAY HOME EXCEPT FOR NECESSARY OUTINGS (groceries, health visits, walks in your street)





QUARANTINE PROPERLY (if advised by public health and do to strictly)

FOLLOW THE PUBLIC HEALTH GUIDELINES and check this exposure site regularly:


VISITS AT LIVING WELL INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTER (based on public health and NSHA regulations):

There will be NO EMERGENCY VISITS at Living Well 

​The majority of visits will be done by PHONE or ZOOM and can be booked online or by leaving a message at 902-406-1500 our by emailing 

​As the province has now extended approval for virtual care for the remainder of 2021 the schedule will be posted a few months at a time to ensure we are able to comply with public health guidelines and also open up, close down more according to regulations, numbers and our access to procedures and tests. 

At times if any of our providers or staff have been required to self-isolate, be tested or a household member has, they will not be seeing any patients in person as we adhere to strict policies around ensuring your and our safety. 

Any provider has the right to deny your entrance into the clinic should they feel you have risk factors or symptoms that are in keeping with covid -19 or that require screening. There have been times when people have assumed that their "cough" is due to asthma, allergies or COPD and this cannot be assumed, a test must be completed. 

Mask refusal: Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will be denied entrance to the clinic, with the exception of the few that have official medical exemptions to wearing a mask. These patients are known to our providers and will be booked as the last patient of the day and escorted directly into the treatment room by the provider themselves, thereby minimizing any risk associated with waiting or occupying another space, just to be extra cautious. 

All in person visits will require pre-approval of the individual provider and can be cancelled at the discretion of the provider if it is deemed appropriate to provide a virtual visit, is considered not necessary to be seen in person, if the required test/exam is not permitted due to test cancellations by the NSHA labs etc or if symptomatic. 

Support persons for in person visits:
** to minimize the number of different individuals visiting Living Well, patients under the following circumstances can have a support person 
  • ONE designated support person for:
  • prenatal or postnatal care 
  • Children under 18 years 
  • ONE designated support person per week will be permitted in the following circumstances, only for patients who need support to receive care due to physical, intellectual, cognitive or emotional conditions. The decision to allow a support person in these circumstances requires agreement between the patient and the care team.
  • Outpatients, including patients arriving at the hospital for cancer care, emergency and ambulatory clinics, appointments or procedures
Whenever possible, our teams will use technology to enable virtual involvement of support persons.


Stress reduction group enrolment please email with your name, phone number, MSI # along with expiry date and Date of birth. Currently accepting May/June registration ALL welcome. You do not need to be an existing patient.These are run by Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP FCFP and require a 2 hour commitment 1 x per week x 8 weeks. 

Weekly group programs: All welcome you can join one or all. You do not need to be a patient or client of a provider at living well. Other providers are welcome as are their clients and patients. Links are posted regularly to our Facebook page and registered people (email: with same info as gp above) and you'll receive an e=blast email reminder the day prior. Currently we offer 

​"the Joy of Series...."

Yoga and Meditation with Stefanie Winters & Dr. Maria Patriquin Tuesdays at 6pm Thursdays at 8am:

30 minutes of yoga followed by a 10 minute guided meditation (questions re care welcomed & you may request an apt at these sessions confidentially through the chat)

Guided Journalling & Health Check in with Lisa Galvez RD & Dr. Maria Patriquin Wednesdays at 12 noon:

​30 minutes of guided journaling on various gentle yet thought provoking topics that enable participants to think, write  and explore this healthy way of self-expressing & coping with stress. Followed by a health check in with Dr. Patriquin.(questions re care welcomed & you may request an apt at these sessions confidentially through the chat) 

Stay tuned for more in this series to come...

For all other inquiries or registration or if you are not able to book on line, do not have an emergency but do think you need to be seen before your booked apt we will do our best to accommodate. Please call 902-406-1500. Please note that we are currently experiencing a back log due to covid requirements. 

If you have an emergency please call 911, 811 or proceed to your nearest emergency room. For mobile mental health please call (902) 429-8167 


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