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Christmas Fundraiser

RC is a 43 year old man with Polycyctic Kidney Disease. He has suffered from a young age and lost his father to the same disease. The 2 children he is a single father to also have the disease. Recently his illness progressed and he had to have a kidney removed. He came to me 3 weeks later asking me to approve a return to work. He works as a crossing guard and in all likelihood has crossed many of your children in Halifax. His financial constraints drove him to ask but of course after such a major surgery I had to say no and started a fundraiser to help through this critical time. That was 2 weeks ago and RC has since learned his other kidney is failing. For now he will start dialysis and go on the wait list for a transplant. He will never return to work, things have shifted dramatically. RC has amazed me over the last 14 years. He has not only showed courage with limited resources to managing his illness but has braved the dramatic ups and downs that have accompanied single fatherhood. I'm hoping we can manage to fundraise a bit of low sodium food goods as well as grocery cards to enable him and his family to make it through this transition time. Your generosity is appreciated. Gratefully, Dr. Maria Patriquin Ivanov 

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