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Call for Story Submissions by family doctors: Benevolence; the art of being kind on purpose.

Relationships can only be fostered through a care model that encompasses collaboration, communication and compassion. A reductionist approach undervalues and undermines the “art” of practicing medicine and deprives us the joy of being a “healing” profession; leaving patients feeling uncared for. In a time of health care reform and growing restraints we stand to lose the human connection, that which engenders healing.

Compassion has significant positive health outcomes for our patients. It is the antidote to burnout and promotes wellness, efficacy, meaning and satisfaction. Compassion promotes healthy sustainable physicians and practices. It is what can transform our illness model of care to one of wellness.

The narrative is cathartic, creative, therapeutic, and can serve to unify and humanize us in a time of reform. We are privileged to bare witness to day to day life through the sharing of joys, hardship, illness, triumphs and vulnerability. Our stories serve as gestures of gratitude to those patients who co-create them. In an effort to highlight the values embodied by the practice of family medicine the CFPC has awarded Dr. Maria Patriquin founder of Living Well Integrative Health the 2016 PMH Care and Compassion Grant for a narrative project. It will highlight the benefits of compassionate care for patients and providers.

The project is part of a larger initiative that will serve to educate, enable, inspire and empower us to move towards a shared vision of healthcare that embraces collaboration, communication and compassion. One that values our deep-seated need to connect through a shared sense of our humanity; that which is human and kind for all.                                                                                                                      Please submit a story, poem or note of inspired compassion by voice memo or in writing to All writings must ensure to protect the privacy of those involved. Persons and circumstances should be non-identifyable. By participating you are agreeing to the publication of your story with credit to you for authorship. Stories may be edited for grammar etc prior to publication and will be sent in advance to you for approval. Submission deadline is October 1, 2017. 

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