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Booking at Living Well Integrative Health Centre Please read all...


For emergencies please call 911, mobile crisis for

mental health (902-429-8167) or proceed to the

nearest emergency room. If you have symptoms of

covid (see list last post) call 811 and self-isolate.

To book with Dr. Patriquin please visit  The schedule will be posted at the end of each month for the following month in order to ensure that we are complying with Covid guidelines. Please email administration at if you are not able to register online as you will need to have already provided a current email and up-to-date contact information to register for an appointment. Please do not leave your health care needs to the last minute.

To book with Ian Sheppard, Molly DeShong, Leila Shaw, Lisa Galvez or Katrina Perks please leave a message or email we will get back to you as soon as possible. For classes & programs please email to register. Please include a contact phone number in this email. In order to decrease barriers to access a referral is not required for participation.

The majority of care is being provided through phone consultation or zoom. For in person visits with Dr. Patriquin or Ian Sheppard you will be screened by phone prior to your appointment, must self-screen the day of and must not attend the clinic should you have any symptoms. If you do please take precautions and call 811. Please see last post for in-person visit screening questionnaire. IF WE CANNOT REACH YOU AND YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO THE SCREENING CALL OR EMAIL 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE YOUR APT WILL BE CANCELLED & YOU WILL HAVE TO REBOOK. 

YES Leave a message if: you are pregnant, have a newborn baby or have serious time sensitive requirements other than emergencies. Please leave a message if a prescription was supposed to be faxed after a visit and did not go through. Please consider phone messages for those with challenges to accessing care and for those with limited internet and data/cell. Please email administration at if you are not able to register online as you will need to have already provided a current email and up-to-date contact information to register for an appointment.

Do NOT leave messages for: meds, prescription renewals, letters, notes for massage coverage etc and other prescriptions. Do not leave messages requesting to be referred without having had an appointment. You will need to book an appointment online for these requests unless you are without internet. If you cannot log onto the system email admin as above with your current contact information. It is your responsibility to ensure ALL your contact info is up to date. This includes name changes, pharmacy of choice, mailing address, current email and up to date and working phone numbers. Please remember that if you may miss a long awaited consultation due to not having kept your file current.

Important note about Scheduling: 

Please be aware that if an urgent care or complex need arises during the course of a clinical day Dr. Patriquin may need to reschedule your phone visit. This is the unfortunate task we are faced with as limited resources become even more limited during the pandemic. We appreciate your patience as we try and meet the needs of all our patients, but realize that this is also difficult for everyone. Admin or Dr. Patriquin will notify you of this change and every effort will be made to try and accommodate an alternate time the same day or you may be asked to rebook. If it appears that you yourself have a more urgent need than would be served by a later appointment, then please ensure you secure your care by calling 811, 911, mobile crisis or visit the nearest emergency room. Please do not wait if it can’t wait. There will also be times that the staff and providers at Living Well will themselves need to self-isolate due to other viral illnesses, a pending swab result or if they visited one of the locations identified by public health as having been high risk. Please appreciate the efforts we must all endure to ensure the health and safety of all our community and ourselves as providers and our own families. This too protects you. We appreciate your patience as we try and navigate, facilitate and provide the best possible care under the extreme challenge of care under Covid. We will get through this stronger together. Now more than ever we need each other. 

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