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Accepting enrollement for April/May Mindfulness and Stress reduction Class

Please phone Angie to get your name on the list should you wish to enroll. A referral from your family doctor is required and an initial meeting to ensure it is the right fit for you. A comitment of 2 hours a week for 8 weeks is required. I am now offering and encouraging people to join as circles of friends, co-workers, colleagues, from associations or as neighbors, community. This move is in response to the request that the class continue longer than the 8 weeks alloted by MSI. The idea is that as a group you can continue to support eachother in the healthy habits formed and in forming a sense of community and connection through a shared vision, experie3nce, etc of how you wish to live life. As per my mottoe "Better Together", we are healthier when connected and in order to porivde continuity and support the idea is that you could continue to do so together.

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