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Dr Shauna Archibald MD, CCFP

Shauna Marie Archibald is a family physician and collaborates with Dr. Patriquin though shared care of obstetrical patients. Originally from Newfoundland, Dr. Archibald obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Dalhousie University, going on to complete Medical School at Dalhousie in 2002. By 2005, she had finished her Family Medicine residency program (at University of Alberta, UBC and Dalhousie), had two beautiful boys with her husband, and taken on a busy family practice in Halifax. She has had the pleasure of working with colleague Dr. Maria Patriquin since 2009.

In her practice, Dr. Archibald has been enthusiastic and privileged to work with patients and families through all ages and stages, with a particular interest in Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Women’s Health. Dr. Archibald believes wholeheartedly in the care of the whole person and in wellness not just disease prevention. She hopes that patients can achieve wellness through healthy eating, activity and stress management, and become empowered about how to manage their own health conditions.

Family doctors serve their patients best when they can link them with the best resources to support them on their journeys. Throughout her practice Dr. Archibald has referred to a network of complementary and allied health professionals. Dr. Archibald believes in the value of true collaborative care between professionals who offer a range of skills to meet diverse patient needs.

On a personal note, Dr. Archibald strives to have work-life balance and sharing music, cooking, outdoor activities, and educational goals with her family helps her on this journey.

Dr. Archibald is co-located at 5591 Spring Garden Road and can be reached at (902)