Living Well Integrative Health Center

2176 Windsor Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (902) 406-1500

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Dr. Maria Patriquin MD, CCFP

Maria Jessica Patriquin is owner and founder of the Living Well Integrative Health Center where she practices as a family physician. Maria received an honors degree from Dalhousie University where she studied and subsequently worked in a branch of child psychology known as "Theory of Mind". She went on to study medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton which was the first medical school in North America to embrace practice-based learning with a deep emphasis on a bio-psychosocial approach to patient-centered care. Subsequently, she received a Women's Health Fellowship from University of Toronto's Women's College Hospital and later went on staff.  In the year 2000, she returned to her native Halifax and worked the next six years at the North End Community Health Center. After a few years in private office practice, Maria founded Living Well a space where patients and providers could feel at home physically, emotionally and professionally. A space where she could cultivate and live her values as a physician of working in a compassionate, collaborative manner that made access convenient for patients and for providers, a place to call her "work home."

Maria's professional areas of interest include collaborative primary care, women's health, family practice psychotherapy, pediatrics, cross cultural care, neuroplasticity, preventative medicine, health promotion, mentoring and teaching. Maria interests and work in mental health care led her to recently become a founding member of the Association for Positive Psychiatry of Canada. Maria sits on the Mental Health Committee of the CFPC, is a member of the Collaborative Working group for Shared Mental Health CFPC/CPA and is on the Canadian Family Physician Editorial Advisory Board. She is a collaborative care and PMH consultant and advocate. She has represented the vision and model locally and presented nationally. She is a key informant and consultant in the development of a Primary Care Transformation Toolkit for Doctors NS. 

Maria is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, a program developed by Dr.John Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She was fortunate enough to have had the privilege of training with Drs. John Kabat Zinn, Saki Santorelli and their team at the Center for Mindfulness. She believes that mindfulness is at the core of understanding, having empathy and caring for oneself and others, and thus the key to living a healthy, happy and meaningful life. She is devoted to sharing this with as many patients and providers as possible.

In was in 2012 that Maria actualized her dream of 20 years by establishing the Living Well Center and by adding one daughter to her beautiful blended family of four boys! Maria has endless curiosity, energy and enthusiasm for understanding what personal,medical, situational and emotional factors influence how we individually strive to live well. She is dedicated to enabling and empowering people to live their lives fully and to see themselves as the healthy, whole human beings she believes we all are, regardless of health status. She believes in the strength and the resilience of the human spirit. Maria strives to promote compassion, collaboration and communication in all she does. She believes that life, love and care are "better together" and is committed to living and working this way.