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Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin, clinical social worker and educator.

Caroline provides individual and group psychotherapy to teens and adults. With compassion, a diverse and effective skill set, and therapeutic connection, she works to help you find light out of the darkness and move your life in the direction of your choosing. Her specialties include: depression, anxiety, OCD, perinatal mental health, complicated grief, trauma, therapy for the therapist, student stress, existential anxiety, health anxiety, parenting concerns, relationship issues, and workplace stress. For over 20 years, she has pursued specialized education so she can offer you effective, evidence-based therapy. Caroline did her under-graduate studies in Edmonton and a Masters in Social Work at the University of Victoria. Her psychotherapy training includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotion-Focused Therapy, Complicated Grief Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Perinatal Mental Health, Couples Counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Trauma Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. She specializes in ACT, a transdiagnostic approach effective for a wide variety of people with mental health struggles or life stressors including people needing to make lifestyle changes due to major health conditions, people suffering from mood disorders like depression or anxiety, teens struggling with identity or meaning, complicated grief, relationship issues and workplace stress. Caroline is a highly skilled group facilitator and offers group therapy and educational workshops on numerous topics. See her website for more information:

She’s worked for government and non-profits in a variety of jurisdictions including Alberta, BC, the Yukon, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia. Her favorite work environments have been vibrant with a multidisciplinary team and collaborative with a client-centered approach.


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