Living Well Integrative Health Center

2176 Windsor Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (902) 406-1500

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  • We are committed to improving patient care through delivery of compassionate, coordinated, integrated services based on best practices and evidence-based medicine. 
  • We are committed to excellence in our own fields through ongoing learning and professional development. 

  • We respect patients, staff, each other and ourselves.
  • We will deliver care in a compassionate patient-centered manner. Patient engagement is at the core of our encounters.


  • We foster honesty and fairness in decision making and behaviors.
  • We promote ethical decision making. 


  • We seek to understand and accommodate diverse cultures, beliefs, needs and expectations of patients.
  • We offer services for a culturally diverse community and provide care on a continuum i.e. throughout the lifespan of an individual.


  • We strive to educate patients by communicating understandable, reliable information and counseling so they are empowered to make healthy choices and engage in their own health care ("patient engagement").