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Mind, Body & Spirit

We strive to support individuals and their families in their efforts to live well by providing diversified coordinated care, guidance and education that encompasses body, mind and spirit. We promote compassion, collaboration and communication because care is "better together." 

"My mission is for people’s experiences of care to become positive and humanizing. We are all connected in our humanity. What we all do matters. We must practice with purpose."  

Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP Founder of Living Well 



A drug to prevent 1 in 5 deaths? It’s called ‘food.’ Call to book our dietician Leila Shaw or register for our FOOD IS MEDICINE PROGRAM


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Big picture of health system missing and the new nurses act. An exchange between Living Well's MD and NP

On Apr 11, 2019, at 8:40 PM, Lesley MacGregor my dear colleague, NP now running the INSPIRE program wrote:
Other than Nova Scotia - I have never been required to identify a “collaborating physician” as part of my licensing.  It was a huge hurdle to me 3 years ago when we arrived and I didn’t know any physicians!
It’s not necessary... all health care providers are requi…

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Primary Care Transformation Toolkit; Dr. Patriquin key informant, consultant and co-author in collaboration with Doctors NS & a team of commmitted family doctors 



Primary Care Transformation: A collaborative practice tool kit

Primary Care Transformation: A collaborative practice tool kit provides practical information, examples, insights from the experiences of Nova Scotia doctors, implications and critical reflection questions to support physicians who are considering collaborative practice.


There is no one-…

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