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Mind, Body & Spirit

We strive to support individuals and their families in their efforts to live well by providing diversified coordinated care, guidance and education that encompasses body, mind and spirit. We promote compassion, collaboration and communication because care is "better together." 

"My mission is for people’s experiences of care to become positive and humanizing. We are all connected in our humanity. What we all do matters. We must practice with purpose."  

Dr. Maria Patriquin MD CCFP Founder of Living Well 



May our voices embrace humanity so children grow embracing theirs

Children are the original mindfulness practitioners. I remind each adult that denies their capacity that they began life with innate ability to be mindful. To understand what role mindfulness serves requires consideration of the inherent nature and capacities we were born with. Take a moment to consider what qualities of being, sensing, doing, feeling and thinking you recall from childhood. Childr…

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From Survive to Thrive A short guide to a healthy journey Dr. Maria Patriquin

The road to balance: How to survive and thrive in life

Those who choose professional careers tend to have personality characteristics that coupled with a high demand culture of training engenders overworking and a lack of self- care. This excess can and does lead to burnout. Current studies indicate that burnout is on the rise in work spaces.

Burnout has been linked to depression; sleep diso…

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